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Tea with Robin

Oct 5, 2020

There are enough people affirming the badness, the worries, the political troubles now.  Enough focus on what's wrong and will continue to be.

Let us celebrate the reminders of light. The joy. The positive and hope and good things happening. We're not done yet, and we are always creatively loving our way forward.

If we could see this time as a healer, everything changes. How can we let it be just so? If you want to be awake, then stay awake. If you want to be alive then stay in a state of aliveness.

The small self might be saying its scary things but the God-self in you knows what's what. We need to practice remembering the fullness of who we truly are.  Let the one in you who needs your compassion and love receive, instead of the repetition of what's bad and wrong. 

Our inspiration is a beautiful poem by David Wagoner called Lost

And we'll have a letter from #showupforyourself who asks about how to handle the pain from not being seen, witnessed, validated, affirmed by others.

Show Notes:

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