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Tea with Robin

Aug 31, 2020

Hi, from this couple right here. Number one1husband joins me in this episode to talk about all things healing, love, and relationship in stressy times like these. What it's been like living in quarantine. and how we encourage each other. On healing cancer and learning to fly again. Our trip to Italy and what it...

Aug 24, 2020

For the times when you feel down on yourself. For the days when we struggle and suffer.

You fall into the pit. And you're being hard on yourself again. Attacking your own heart. Unkind, unloving toward the self.

Don't judge it. Instead, be a friend to your own heart. Consider how you are evolving, changing, growing......

Aug 17, 2020

Hello to this time of change and transformation. Big shifts are happening in each and every one of us. Big big big.

We're shedding the old stories, old versions. Even the friends we'd never believe could change seem to be doing the impossible. It is an exciting time.

If you've been feeling tenderly and like you're...

Aug 10, 2020

On intentionally framing your experience now. Choosing the narrative. Reframing certain stories.

This is such a weird, wonderful, wild, wooly time! We do not need to scare ourselves. There is enough fear out there already. Our function as light sparklers is to choose to evolve and help our friends along the way. Today...

Aug 3, 2020

Episode 100: One Hundred, Timeline, #portals

In celebration of the journey, all that we've walked through together over 100 episodes. Cheers to our path and progress, and what else would we like to call in as we go forward?

Our inspiration is a timeline healing, an experience we can have to invite the knowledge of all...