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Tea with Robin

Oct 18, 2021

On the evolution of our journies.

Today's message is something I've been sitting with a lot now. I've decided to take a step back from the weekly podcasts. I shared a little message about that on the podcast today.

Please don't forget, there are 154 amazeballs episodes to receive and I'm putting links below to ways we...

Oct 11, 2021

On a healing journey, we often find that there can be an intensity experienced when moving through old energies and releasing them. I call it suckitude. We are moving through the suckitude... and often it feels hard and challenging. But in the bigger picture, we are moving through. Maybe, hopefully, we are finding out...

Oct 4, 2021

Every moment is your moment, my friend. It is never too late for you.

It's only now. It can't possibly be too late, or too early. All it can ever be is now.

On what to do when you know you're suffering is being caused by your own stories of never getting there. Never arriving. Whatever the sticks are that you throw at...

Sep 27, 2021

A pep talk for us on how we're doing these days. Let's have a jibber-jabber together about the journey. How have you been doing? How have you been carrying your energy and the stuff you're processing? And how are you spinning the story about you and your life and your possibilities and what you're amounting to? All...

Sep 20, 2021

How long are we gonna hold on to the upset like it's the key important thing in our lives?
This is your one wild and precious life. How do you want it to be?

In this episode: How we handle death, transformation, and allowing what is. In spiritual circles, it can feel bad or wrong to grieve and take time for adjustment,...