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Tea with Robin

Aug 17, 2020

Hello to this time of change and transformation. Big shifts are happening in each and every one of us. Big big big.

We're shedding the old stories, old versions. Even the friends we'd never believe could change seem to be doing the impossible. It is an exciting time.

If you've been feeling tenderly and like you're shedding the old skin, know that you are right on track. This is a cosmic cleansing time.

Do you have anyone who's been surprising you? Every person gives you a new opportunity to dance with the divine... the person you're most stressed by, most upset about -- that person is your teacher. How can you do this dance differently now?

In this episode, I address how we can allow ourselves to ride with the flow of the Divine. With the love of God, tuning to greater support and love, as we continue to make our way forward.


Our inspiration is to create the sense of sanctuary in your home by intentionally assessing what's inside it. 

Our letter comes from #iamthat who asks about awakening the Divine as it comes to issues around body image and self-forgiveness.

Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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