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Tea with Robin

Dec 21, 2020

Happy Holidays, sweet friend!

In this episode, I talk about the difference between scarcity mode or an abundance mindset. It's an important topic. Especially in these unprecedented times when all around us the news feels frightening... are we feeling any of the fear of not being able to keep up or be okay?

It's a powerful time to release your grip of fear and scarcity mode and open your arms to the abundance always surrounding you.

The inspiration this week: It is about nine months to the day since we went on our first lockdown in the States. As I looked back on my first days of this pandemic, I learned a lot and received a lot... and I don't think I would have without doing this process. Revisit the beginning of this time. Let yourself revisit the early days and see what you find.

This week's featured letter: From a friend who shares about synchronicity and soul connections.

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here.

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