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Tea with Robin

Feb 1, 2021

Hello, abundance! You beautiful thing so many of us say we want. And yet, let me count the ways we continue to drive it away.
Today we'll talk about our habitual complaining, worrying, and focusing on the absence of abundance and the way we allow our worry to matter more than the state of being we're trying to achieve.

I notice that even though we say we want to prosper and feel easy and flowy with abundance, the way we choose to honor that wish is completely backward. We are not receiving. The energy of prosperity is a state of being. It's a vibration we allow, a knowing we have. And it is a choice we need to make above all else.

This week's inspiration: to create some aliveness in and around your own home.

This week's featured letter: from a friend in the love posse who has some feedback for me.

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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